historia zea
The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates located along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. How were they created? Let me tell you brief history of the United Arab Emirates. UAE on the map HOW IT WAS Not so long ago, the...
10 wskazówek jak przetrwać letnie upały w zea
How not to go crazy, stay healthy and calm during the hottest temperatures. Your guide how to survive summer heat in Dubai and other emirates. It is hot all year round in the United Arab Emirates, but it is warmest during the summer season. From June till the end...
kilka zabawnych faktów o pogodzie w dubaju
Temperatures 50 °C; sandstorms; people in coats and fluffy jackets, complaining how cold it is? Yes, and the common factor is the weather in Dubai and other parts of UAE. How such contrasts can be possible in a place that in the opinion of most people is a land of eternal sun and nice weather? Let me tell you some fun facts about the weather in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates.

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